Alok Mysore came to the US from India a year ago with a strong worldview and a hunger to help cure the world’s looming future food shortage.

Innovative virtual learning system directed at early elementary-aged children

FreshGrade is a portfolio and assessment platform for students, teachers and parents.

A reading app designed for kids to take control of their personalized learning environment.

Rod Berger: Well, Barb, I get the opportunity to speak to people in education all over the world that are doing fascinating things. One of the components I

Rod Berger: Lee, we've been talking off the air, but it's been a long time coming, at least, from my perspective to get a chance to talk with

  Jess Gartner, Allovue CEO and Founder, spent time with Dr. Rod Berger to discuss district and school finances and the impact quality information can have on critical decisions.