School in the Cloud creating opportunities in global education

Building self-sustaining programs for the neediest in the world

As school systems become more globally competent and teachers become more knowledgeable and gain comfort with infusing global competence into the classrooms, students are expected to expand

Our schools similarly need to light fires on the water and invite schools across the world in to share in learning starting from their own communities outward. These

What would it feel like to not have your culture acknowledged at all, or have it taught in an inaccurate or stereotyped fashion

“Higher education is an incredibly important alternative to more negative outcomes: crime, radicalization, and early marriage for young women. Education can provide a pathway to integration within the

"B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee, or USDA Organic certification is to milk." - Certification B Corp certification is becoming increasingly popular as

As part of an international series on education, Dr. Rod Berger poses questions to Betty Abah, Executive Director of CEE-HOPE, an organization bringing resources and hope to thousands

Alessio Assonitis, Ph.D., Director of the Medici Archive Project (MAP), spent time with Dr. Rod Berger to discuss how digital humanities has impacted global educational opportunities for students.  Since its