Seminole County Public Schools reaches out to every family with a newborn in the county with a care package.

We need to reassess our interaction with information in a world where memorization is no longer king.

Lynn Fuini-Hetten knows open communication with the community is vital for student success.

Jeff McCoy is an innovative leader who is doing great things for the students of Greenville County, SC.

Steve Thompson is investing and changing the outdated ways of his district.

Palm Beach County offers the vast 200,000 student population over 300 choice programs for students and parents to choose.

Dr. Doug Schuch spent time as a classroom teacher and is passionate about kids learning, but believes in the importance of the leadership beyond the classroom.

“Our most commonly held formula for success is broken,” according to Harvard researcher, positive psychology expert and New York Times best-selling author Shawn Achor.

Districts must “redefine, redesign and then reimagine” to bring about effective change in education per Dr. Gail Pletnick.