Connecting the Dots on Social Responsibility

Abdulrahman Bin Haider at Microsoft's 2017 Imagine Cup World Finals

by Dr. Rod Berger

Growing up, Abdulraham was an athlete, never imagining that he would enter the world of technology. But when he entered university at the American University of Dubai, everything changed. He began to study computer science and absolutely loved it. While there, he connected the dots between technology and social responsibility, and found a way to give back to the country that had raised and nurtured him.

He entered the Imagine Cup, a worldwide technology competition hosted by Microsoft. Along with partners Jamil El Helou and Mohamed Hassan, Abdulraham presented his Green Jam project which aims at turning recycling into a habitual practice rather than just a required task.

The project uses machine learning techniques to identify recycled items, and then sorts the items by the use of basic mechanical motors. Green Jam encourages recycling by using a rewards system which is implemented in the cloud. Users can store their points until they are redeemed for simple utilities such as mobile phone credit, or topping up public transportation cards. The system also provides smart data analytics for companies to enhance their marketing strategies.

About Abdulrahman Bin Haider

Abdulrahman Bin Haider is a 2017 graduate of the American University in Dubai, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering. In 2016, he interned at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center. Abdulrahman, along with partners Jamil El Helou and Mohamed Hassan won first place in the 2017 Microsoft Imagine Cup for their project, Green Jam.

This article was published originally in the Huffington Post by Dr. Rod Berger.

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