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As reading proficiency levels stagnate, more states are taking a long, hard look at current

Chuck Poole is a teacher, author and podcaster who has made it his mission to

Teachers want things that are rooted in reality and written by people who have been

Sharing stories from the past year that highlight the accomplishments of educators for Teacher Appreciation

Hiring teachers is a critical part of a principal’s job. You want to find the right people—ones that fit into the mission and vision of your school.

The best thing for coping with a gifted child's quirks is having someone to talk to about them.

Both the employee and employer can take steps to improve the odds that this first job out of college is a shining success

Shmoop recognized by inaugural EdTech Breakthrough Awards, honoring the best companies, products and services in the field of educational technology.

As educators and community leaders, our job is to make our schools safe places where everyone is seen, known, valued and loved.

Shmoop's new CEO, Andy Rahden, will benefit customers with initiatives focused on enhanced user experience and content development.

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