10 Classroom Resources to Try Today

Tips to try during Teacher Appreciation Week

We’re nearing the end of the school year, a time for reflection on what’s worked and what will be done differently next year. It may seem crazy to think that this could be the time to implement new strategies as students will be on summer vacation in a few short weeks, but with these simple and fun ideas, it can be done! Below we’ve compiled a list of some our favorite posts with ready-to-implement suggestions that you can start on immediately. There’s no better way to #ThankATeacher than to make their job a bit easier.

Take a look at the resources we’ve linked below and, as always, thank you for everything you do!

1.) 6 Fun Activities for Podcasting in the Classroom

Podcasting has grown in recent years as a classroom strategy. In this article, educators and experts shared six of their favorite strategies for using engaging students with podcasts in the classroom. Which is your favorite?


2.) #SELChat: Selling SEL to Students

In many ways, our schools have become the town centers of old. It's the one place students and parents show up every day. We educators must take full advantage of this incredible opportunity and attend to the needs of the whole child.


3.) How Teachers Can “Level Up” Instruction with Gamification

In this interview, Jon Cassie gave enlightening answers to a number of questions about gamification. You’ll learn about Jon’s threefold educational philosophy, his favorite board games, and much more.


4.)  7 Ways to Make Learning Fun

How much fun happens during your class? Think of it this way: If you had a choice, would you want to be doing the things you ask students to do? There are seven simple ways you can make learning fun for your kids.


5.) Teachers and Social Media – Five Tips That Might Save Your Job

Social media poses specific challenges for educators. There are pitfalls and obstacles left and right. Here are a few tips that just might help keep someone from doing something that will cost them their job.


6.) Using Tech in PBL: 6 Winning Strategies

In a project-based learning (PBL) setting, students explore real-world problems and challenges. This is a wonderful way for students to develop creativity and problem-solving skills as they become deeply engaged in content.


7.) 10 Great Movies for the STEM Classroom

If you're looking to get kids excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), show them the ways that popular media uses - and misuses - the concepts you teach daily. Using movie clips during lessons captures a student's attention.


8.) Reaching for Math Mastery: Engaging ALL Kids in Learning Their Times Tables

Alex Kajitani is teacher and creator of Multiplication Nation who is on a mission to help every kid master their multiplication tables. Like literacy, Alex sees this simple task as critical for their future. For him, it’s as simple and as difficult as that.


9.) 10 Tips for Raising Technologists

Parents, as well as teachers, must be proactive and continuously seek ways to improve their children’s technological literacy. They must seek activities related to computer science and programming to prepare their kids for a bright and productive future.


10.) Designing the Classroom for Student-Centered Learning

New instructional models including blended learning, flipped instruction, and project-based learning are changing both the way class time is used, and the way classrooms are designed. Gone are the classrooms with desks and chairs in rows all facing forward.

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