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Alabama Education Association takes step toward firing Henry Mabry

STORY CREDIT: al.com and Mike Cason published original article.

The Alabama Education Association has provided notice of a “pre-termination hearing” for Executive Secretary Henry Mabry.

AEA President Anita Gibson announced the decision today.

Mabry, who took over for longtime AEA chief Paul Hubbert three years ago, received notice of the plans to terminate him during an AEA board meeting that went past midnight Friday night.

The decision comes months after Hubbert released a letter to board members and administrators saying that the once mighty organization was in crisis.

Hubbert cited financial problems, declining membership, loss of political influence and poor leadership by Mabry.

The board met in September after Hubbert’s letter came out and voted to stand behind Mabry.

Since then, the AEA has had two audits conducted, a financial audit and a human resources audit. The human resources audit involved interviews with employees about the association.


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