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Testing: How Much Is Too Much?

Dissatisfaction with standardized testing is growing

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student taking testThe backlash against standardized testing has been growing in recent years. Parents, students and educators alike are growing frustrated with the amount of testing students must endure in their K-12 academic careers, which some claim averages out to a significant 20-25 hours per year of testing.

This onslaught of assessment leads to a practice known throughout education as “teaching to the test.” Educators have to abandon the art of teaching, sometimes for a month or more, in order to prepare their students for assessments. As lawmakers raise the stakes on test results, in some cases tying teacher pay to how well their students perform, we see an increase in teaching to the test and in outright fraud.

Moving forward, the education industry faces challenges to strike a balance between helping students become rounded critical thinkers and having some kind of accountability system in place to measure results. One thing more and more people agree upon is that the current system needs fixing.

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