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Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Increases Annual $10,000 Scholarships by 50 percent

Astronaut Scholarship Foundation logo v2The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) today announced it has increased the amount of its annual scholarships by 50% – from $10,000 per student to $15,000. At a time when so many of our nation’s university students have had their education careers negatively impacted by COVID, this news couldn’t come at a better time.

• A total of 56 college students each received up to $15,000 scholarships this year – a $5,000 increase per student from 2019.  

• The scholarship is not exclusive to aspiring astronauts – it is awarded to exceptional junior and senior-level college students pursuing STEM degrees.  

• The annual Astronaut Scholarship goal is to encourage more students to pursue scientific endeavors, regarded as the most prestigious and generous STEM-based financial award of its kind.  

• Scholarship transcends money. Awardees also receive professional development opportunities and lifetime access to ASF’s esteemed network of astronauts, working professionals, other scholars, and innovative technology leaders.   

• Over the past 35+ years, $5 million has been awarded to 623 students pursuing degrees in life sciences, energy, defense, aerospace, homeland security, and other STEM fields. Fun (collective) facts about our Scholars: 

• 61% male; 39% female 

• 847 bachelor’s degrees, 250 master’s degrees, 264 doctorate degrees have been earned

• 2,304 technical papers published and secured 123 patents 

• Top 3 fields they are working in: life sciences (24%); aerospace & astronomy (19%); chemical engineering/chemistry & optical engineering and science (each at 13%) 

Click here to learn more about the annual Scholarship Program

Video link: https://spaces.hightail.com/space/SpYcAkijDE


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