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BMO Poll Gives Insights into Education Business Priorities


The BMO Education Conference was held in New York City in September. At the Conference, BMO conducted a Poll of Industry Participants. According to poll participants, Outcome-Focused Education is the top priority.

  • Nearly half of respondents see greatest enrollment growth in online or blended education
  • Thirty-eight percent say curriculum products like language comprehension will be among the most adopted education technology products over next five years

Student outcomes, including whether a student qualifies for post-secondary education or gets a job after graduating, are the most important issues facing the education system today, according to a poll of 300 education industry leaders who attended BMO Capital Markets 15th Annual Back to School Education Conference. Those polled included a cross-section of individuals representing the industry’s leading institutional investors, private equity and venture capital funds.

Seventy percent of respondents identified student outcomes – or the meeting of particular education standards – as the top concern that needs to be addressed by the education industry today.

Nearly half of those responding to the poll (48 Percent) felt that education enrollment over the next five years will grow the most in online or blended education courses, underscoring how far online learning has come since the birth of the Internet.

“Online or blended education is increasingly becoming a mainstay and driver of the education industry,” said Jeff Silber, an Industry Analyst with BMO Capital Markets. “Whereas before it was often regarded as subpar education, online education is now accepted as a part of any good university’s offering.”

The poll also found that 38 percent of respondents expect curriculum products – in areas from modern skills to language comprehension – will see the most adoption of education technology over the next five years.

Click here to see Dr. Berger’s interview with Jeff Silber.

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