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BrainPOP has a rich history supporting Connected Educators Month (CEM). Andrew Gardner, Director of BrainPOP Educators, was part of the original Connected Educators initiative working group. Dr. Kari Stubbs, VP Learning and Innovation at BrainPOP, talks with Dr. Berger about their efforts to support CEM with a list of fantastic events. Stubbs also updates the audience on BranPOP’s latest news.


Dr. Kari Stubbs is an internationally recognized educator who began her career as a public school teacher in Kansas and Texas. She went on to lead the Kansas Title IID program, and served as an adjunct professor while earning her Ph.D. in Curriculum with an emphasis on Technology. Currently, she serves as Vice President of Learning and Innovation at BrainPOP. Areas of interest include mobile, online, and game-based learning, as well as the “secret sauce” that blends teacher support and professional development.

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