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by Dr. Rod Berger

TLS Logo 2Jethro Jones is host of the Transformative Leadership Summit, which will take place from July 30 to August 7. This third annual event will feature more than 40 leading presenters, including Richard Gerver, Baruti Kafele, Peter DeWitt, Rick Wormeli, Jennifer Abrams, Nancy Conrad, and many more. Educators can attend each day’s sessions free of charge and can also purchase an all-access pass to get exclusive bonuses and archived content.

Visit TransformativeLeadershipSummit.com to register.

Living in Alaska, you are really far away from anything. It’s expensive and time consuming to attend conferences and conventions in the Lower 48 and major events don’t tend to head your way. I sat down with Jethro Jones, a middle school principal in Fairbanks, and talked about his solutions to being isolated from the greater national education community. He talked about teaching and empowering his teachers and staff. The more he learned and discovered over the years about teaching, the more he realized the need to share and discuss his experiences with his fellow educators around the world. But attending far-flung gatherings wasn’t within his limited budget or time constraints.

“It's not enough for me to go find a mentor and learn from that person and keep it to myself,” Jethro says. “I believe that because I have the ability and the capacity to share what I'm doing, despite my isolation, I needed to create a podcast. I needed to create the Transformative Leadership Summit and bring the amazing thought leaders to us. And all those things have to happen because I have the need and the ability to do that.” Jethro believes that if we can empower those around us, they can multiply our efforts.

Described as “a podcast on steroids,” the Transformative Leadership Summit is a virtual online summit gathering the best and brightest thought leaders in the global education realm in one digital space and making their wisdom and knowledge accessible to all. Jethro believes that together, we can share what works and why and through this sharing of knowledge we can change the world.

Jethro says that the framework for success is deceptively simple. “You've got to find a way to lift teachers up and make them successful,” he says. “You've got to empower them to do what they can do in their area of strength and not be bound by the evaluation frameworks. Lift them up ─ and do the same thing with students and with parents ─ and you're going to be successful.”

About Jethro Jones

Jethro Jones, 2017 NASSP Digital Principal of the Year, is the Principal of Tanana Middle School, and host of Transformative Principal, where he interviews principals, leaders, and influencers who help improve K-12 education throughout the world. He is also the founder of Transformative Leadership Summit, which is like his podcast, but on steroids! While growing up, Jethro attended five elementary schools, a middle school, and three different high schools.

This experience instilled a desire to provide the most nimble educational experience possible, so that all students — no matter how long they are at his school, can pursue their own interests and work to their individual potential. Jethro has always pushed the envelope on learning situations.

As principal at Kodiak Middle School, he implemented a flexible schedule that allowed students to have Tier 2 interventions and enrichments. These complex logistics are facilitated with the Pickr app. Jethro has provided simple solutions to complex educational problems as a principal, district coach, library supervisor, and middle school teacher. You can follow Jethro Jones on Twitter.

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