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Calling Balls and Strikes in Education

Dr. Lawrence MussolineDr. Lawrence Mussoline has worked in Pennsylvania private and public education for 36 years as a teacher and administrator. A superintendent of schools in three Pennsylvania Districts for the past 16 years, currently he is the Superintendent of the 13,000 student Downingtown Area School District beginning his tenure there in 2009. Dr. Mussoline talks with Dr. Rod for his ongoing series examining leading Superintendents across the county. 

In addition to his role as superintendent, Dr. Mussoline also serves on the Penn State University Education Advisory Committee for the Great Valley Campus, the Penn State University College of Education Outreach Advisory Board, the West Chester University Center for School Wellness Advisory Board, and he sits on the Pennsylvania Association School of Administrators Board of Governors serving on that state governing body for 13 years. 

Dr. Mussoline discusses his roots in baseball as an umpire and how he looks at new educational legislation impacting his state and district.

Dr. Mussoline continues to support up-and-coming leaders in administration throughout Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Inspired Leadership Program. You will find Dr. Mussoline a passionate advocate for ones’ community in the betterment of educational outcomes for children. 

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