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A discussion with Katie Salen of Connected Camps

I caught up with Katie Salen, Co-Founder and Chief Designer for Connected Camps to discuss how students of all ages are becoming engaged in learning through gaming. Salen mentions how Mimi Ito, Co-Founder, and CEO, Tara Tiger Brown and herself came together after several years of collaborating in connected learning. One of the ideas shared in connected learning is technology can amplify the collaborative learning process while increasing students’ peer and cross generational socialization.

An online connected learning platform and coaching experiment known as “Pursuitary” became the brainchild of what is now Connected Camps. The platform revealed that children were heavily drawn to Minecraft as a game environment and this massively popular online network of collaboration might meld nicely with connected learning.

Connected Camps was launched with the idea of meeting kids where they had interest and engaging them in coding, architecture and collaborative project building. In addition to being an online community-driven company, Connected Camps is a California B Corp company that has a social mission of being open and equitable for all kids.

About Katie SalenCo-Founder and Chief Designer

Katie is Professor of Game Design and Development in the Department of Informatics at UC Irvine and a member of the Connected Learning Lab. She is the Founding Executive Director of Institute of Play.

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