New requirements for federal grants are riskier than ever so it is important to prepare in advance

Jon Cassie questions Betsy DeVos' track record on education reform

Michael Toth calls for updated state and federal education policies amidst Trump transition and Betsy DeVos appointment.

I fondly remember the day I received my first driver’s license—and the newly found sense of independence it offered. But I also recall the realization that my freedom

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Alex Terego | Author THE REAL BLAME IS WITH THE LAWMAKERS AND BUREAUCRATS. A HISTORICAL CONTEXT. Good intentions, poor leadership, and unforeseen consequences have brought us over the past few decades

edCircuit Opinion: The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Eastern District came to a conclusion regarding teacher union contracts on Monday, August 15th. The nearly two-year battle ended in favor of

edCircuit Opinion On July 29, 2016, New York State released that their standardized test scores have improved since they were last released. While the administration is proud of these

edCircuit Opinion It was a very eventful year for The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, commonly referred to as FIRE. There has been a great deal of pressure

Introduction If a fact-based, realistic picture of our schools makes you uneasy, uncomfortable and disturbed or offends you in any way you probably should read no further. If you