Both the employee and employer can take steps to improve the odds that this first job out of college is a shining success

I can remember my college graduation like it was two months ago. Which, quite frankly, it was. I stood alongside my peers, anxiously anticipating walking across the commencement

edCircuit Opinion Take a walk down memory lane with me. Imagine you’re entering the good ole’ college days again - your freshman year. You did everything in your power

The VH1 Save The Music Foundation in partnership with Grammy nominated singer Charlie Puth, and Casio America announced the 2016 winners of Keys + Kids, a competitive grant

Educator Vanessa Levin, of Pre-K Pages, talks about her experiences in early childhood education and how she has had to approach her work with students given the lack

Every now and then, I come across a letter from Uncle Curmudgeon, an old retired teacher, to his niece, Kennari, an aspiring new one. I’m happy to pass

Emily Davis, ASCD Emerging Leader, is the New Teacher Center Program Director, Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project. Davis is also the author of Making Mentoring Work. Davis sat