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Coach’s Corner: Change is a Key Ingredient, Not “Madness”

Featuring key insights and powerful messages from “The Connection Coach,” Tara Brown

It’s March Madness, so Tara Brown is pulling inspiration from legendary University of Tennessee basketball coach Pat Summitt, who once said “the willingness to experiment with change may be the most essential ingredient to success at anything.” Tara builds upon this sentiment by challenging school leaders to embrace change as a pathway to discovering new opportunities to improve teaching and learning across campus.

Tara continues by reminding educators of the drawbacks of sticking to the status quo and encourages all educators to consider new processes that will increase both teacher and student success. She shares how school leaders can begin to develop a campus culture that empowers its staff to think outside the box in order to create new programs and strategies.

The questions below are intended to get you thinking about ways to embrace change throughout your campus:

1.) Experimenting with change doesn’t have to wait for a new school year. In fact, Tara encourages school leaders to begin opening up these lines of communications and challenge teachers to try something new as soon as this month! When and where can you begin this conversation with your staff? How can you encourage them to leave their comfort zone to begin implementing something new into their teaching and learning?

2.) Lead by example! What types of change do you think would be best to try, and how can you build upon your initial successes? For example, Tara shares how one school’s change included an on-campus therapy dog and highlights how this helped to build a more positive campus culture.

3.) For the most part, in order for change to be meaningful, there needs to be a plan in place to also make it sustainable. How can you ensure your school maintains a productive environment while also changing the status quo? In addition, think about how your school defines “failure” to ensure teachers don’t become discouraged when a change doesn’t go exactly as planned.

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