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Coach’s Corner: Using ‘Moments of Truth’ to Transform a Campus

Featuring key insights and powerful messages from “The Connection Coach,” Tara Brown

In her third video column, Tara Brown shares the story of how a major airline initiated impactful changes to transform its company culture, which resulted in the airline going from the lowest rated in customer service to one with the most satisfied customers. The change was centered around “moments of truth,” which are interactions as brief as 15 seconds, between a customer and an employee. Within these moments, employees were encouraged and taught how to best serve their customers through more careful, thoughtful, and meaningful interactions.

Tara continues with an explanation of why these short, yet meaningful, interactions matter. She puts forth that emotions are the “fast lane to the brain,” so getting people into the right mindset by tapping into their emotions is the first step to moving people into a desired action. Tara continues by making a connection from this airline’s transformation story to actions school leaders can take to ensure their campus is a positive learning environment for all members

The questions below are intended to get you thinking about the “moments of truth” on your campus and how school leaders can begin fostering a positive campus culture:

1.) Tara asks for school leaders to reflect about their presence on campus, comparing your intentionality when interacting in important meetings with your staff to those daily interactions of passing students in the hallway. How present are you in the smaller interactions with all campus members, including support staff, teachers, students, and parents? Do you think this has an effect on your school culture?

2.) As a leader of the school, how are you working everyday to promote a positive learning environment with your staff? Brainstorm some strategies for how you can begin to facilitate new positive interactions. For example, Tara recommends choosing two staff members each week and sending them a letter to share how they are making a difference on campus.

3.) Tara describes the consequences when these “moments of truth” are not acted upon, categorizing them as “missed opportunities.” Reflect on past challenges you’ve experienced on your campus. Were there missed opportunities to create a positive interaction leading up to this event that could have altered the outcome?

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