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Consolidating EdTech Systems Design

Real-life app prototypes made by real-life college students

Professor George Wyner of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management sat down to discuss the practice of teaching information systems to a changing student profile perched to experience advanced technologies in the workforce. Dr. Wyner stresses a hands-on approach with applied methods for students to educate themselves as growth occurs — adopting new technologies along the way.

System design courses at Boston College have students producing actual prototypes for real-life clients in the field of app technology. The idea is to take learners out of their academic comfort zones and place them in high stake situations that they will encounter after graduation.

In the past, the process was excessively challenging for students who were bogged down having to learn many different technologies to deliver their projects. It took away from the core learning objectives of the course. In response, Professor Wyner decided to team up with Mendix to consolidate all technologies into one, allowing students to deploy a real application on mobile to represent their project output. Wyner is excited to see the results of a tangible, one shop approach that emphasizes applied skills toward a well-defined purpose.

About Dr. George Wyner

George Wyner is Associate Professor of the Practice of Information Systems at the Carroll School of Management. Professor Wyner does research on the analysis and design of organizational processes and the information systems that support them and has published articles on these topics in Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Information Systems, and other journals.

He focuses on teaching technology to management students in a way that is engaging and managerially relevant. This usually involves getting hands-on with new technologies. Professor Wyner did his undergraduate work in Mathematics at Harvard College and holds a Ph.D. in Management from MIT. He has an extensive collection of tech-themed t-shirts.  

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