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CoSN Podcast: S1E1, Digital Equity with Beth Holland

In the debut episode of the podcast, host Dr. Berger interviews Beth Holland, CoSN’s Digital Equity & Rural Project Director.

Holland earned her undergrad degree in communications studies from Northwestern, a Master’s in Technology Innovation and Education from Harvard, and doctorate from Johns Hopkins in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education. Her professional career is just as impressive, with time spent as an English teacher, Director of Academic Technology, and a number of roles in the Navy, among others.

In this episode, the conversation touches on a number of topics relevant to technology leaders in education. Among other themes, Holland discusses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and its importance to equity [1:05], understanding the continuum of equity and how to make implementation practical [8:57], the reasons districts should consider students as stakeholders [16:53], and why we need to create low-risk, low-threat opportunities in the digital space so kids have a safe environment to learn from mistakes [23:05].

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