CoSN Podcast: S1E7, Cybersecurity Considerations During COVID-19

In this episode, hear interviews with Amy McLaughlin, CoSN’s cybersecurity project director and Tom Ashley, CTO and Director of Technology at Huntington County Community School Corporation in Indiana.

Host Dr. Berger leads a discussion on cybersecurity concerns during this COVID-19 pandemic. With the increased need for effective remote learning capabilities in these unconventional times, this topic is worthy of much investigation. The guests offer key insights on the following topics: The advantage of early preparation for distance learning (1:09); VPN and remote user security issues (3:02); providing resources that help districts ramp up (4:10); equity and tech access for families (6:12); student portals and the challenges of “free stuff” (9:40); the next generation of PD (13:32); and reflection and preparedness moving forward for districts (15:41).

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