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The Deep End: “Being Allocentric”

Jennifer Abrams’s monthly edCircuit column, The Deep End, will now be presented as a video column, where Jennifer will share the same compelling, thought-provoking content through a new, engaging medium. You can still read each of Jennifer’s previous columns and keep track of the new video columns here.

In this first video version of The Deep End, Jennifer discusses the importance of becoming more “allocentric,” or other-focused. This is the opposite of being egocentric and requires becoming more empathic and thinking of others before ourselves. After watching the video, consider the reflection questions below to think through how you might apply these lessons in your professional life:

  1. What are some instances in your work life where you haven’t been empathic enough? How can you work on developing empathy for those around you?
  2. Are there times where your ego has gotten in the way of productive work relationships? How might you change your approach to interactions with colleagues to remove ego as an impediment?
  3. One of the most important parts of being allocentric in the workplace is thinking first about how you can help your colleague succeed before considering how they might be able to help you. Are there specific situations where this approach may have benefitted you?
  4. Do you have a current or former colleague who impressed you with their ability to be allocentric? What are some positive qualities of this person and how might you emulate these traits?

To find more resources on being allocentric, check out Jennifer’s recent blog post, “City, Bike, Cow, School, Of Course” & Other Lessons in Being Allocentric.

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