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Digit Murphy’s Mission To Change The Gender Focus In Sports

I sat down with Digit Murphy, coach, and creator of Play It Forward Sports Foundation, Inc., to discuss her long established career in female athletics. Digit has made it her mission to bring awareness and financial backing to the field of women’s athletics.

“I’m trying to paint a picture of empowerment, of power, of positive energy, of collaboration. It seems like it’s pie in the sky. But, I see it working under our umbrella right now.” – Digit Murphy

The video is in 2 parts. The first version (above) delves into the state of women’s athletics and highlights Digit’s plan to incentivize sponsorship through collaboration. The 2nd Video is the FULL INTERVIEW (below) that includes more background and history into Digit’s extraordinary work. The interview process was thoroughly enjoyable as Digit’s infectious personality, and optimism came to life.

To read the transcript of the above video, please visit the Huffington Post article: Stepping Over The Fine Line: Redefining Gender Norms in Sports With Digit Murphy

For more watch the FULL INTERVIEW displayed above:

Digit Murphy is a pioneer in women’s sports. She is a thought leader in the sports space. Digit works tirelessly to advocate for women in sports. She believes all women in sport deserve a voice. She spent 23 years as the head women’s ice hockey coach at Brown University. During her tenure, she brought the team to national prominence. 

She went on to coach the Boston Blades (women’s pro hockey) to two Clarkson Cup Championships. In the spring of 2015, she Co-Founded the Play It Forward Sports Foundation with her partner PIFS a women’s sports advocacy non-profit. She works in tandem with the United Women’s Sports LLC-UWLX as a strategic partner. Digit is presently collaborating with American ED TV to help share her mission. Follow Digit Murphy on Twitter

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