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Progressive District Promotes PD Programs

Lake Washington's professional learning and coaching atmosphere

Lake Washington School District is proud of the work they are doing in making sure their students are college and career ready upon graduation. And with a graduation rate that is consistently around 90%, it is clear that they are successful at it.

Rocky lake shoreAt the core of the success of the district is a professional development and coaching culture that the district promotes and fosters, a culture that has been embraced by educators and administrators alike. I recently sat down with Charlotte Plouse, Caitlin Bank and Ashley Boughton, to discuss this district-wide coaching initiative that has transformed the workplace over the last four years.

As I learned in the interview, a lot of time and effort went into creating just the right coaching program with the greatest chance of success. Leaders spent many hours researching best practices and talking with various stakeholders to create the perfect storm of professional learning. The results speak for themselves with improved student outcomes and a high level of morale which leads to a low turnover rate.

Lake Washington is a model for other districts around the country to copy when it comes to professional development, mentoring and coaching in K-12 education.

This article was originally posted in the Huffington Post

About Lake Washington School District:

Lake Washington LogoLake Washington School District in King County, Washington, is the third largest school district in the state with an enrollment of over 29,000 students. The Lake Washington School District’s mission is focused on graduating Every Student Future Ready. This means every student is prepared for college, prepared for the global workplace, and prepared for personal success. The district was formed in 1944 by combining three smaller districts.

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