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edConnectr: Gotta Be In To Win

Mark Sylvester talks about how edConnecter has changed the interactions educators have during CEM and what we can learn about connected networks of lifelong learners.

Mark SylvesterMark Sylvester is the Co-Founder and CEO of introNetworks. Since 2003, when the company deployed a social network for the world famous TED Conference, the company has successfully created hundreds of introNetwork Communities across a customer base that includes global organizations that want to make a cultural change in how they connect with their various audiences.

Mark has been on the leading edge of software development for more than twenty years. As a co-founder of Wavefront Technologies, Mark and his team developed software that completely revolutionized the way the world is entertained. He co-designed Wavefront’s flagship product, Advanced Visualizer, which was the first commercial 3D modeling and animation system.


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