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EdTech Mailbag: Google Form Limiter

Straight from the latest edition of The R&R Show check out Richard Byrne’s advice on making edtech work for you! Remember to check out weekly editions of The R&R Show for the latest news on edtech from users all over the world. As always, if you have a question please send questions via #AskRichardByrne on Twitter



Mr. Byrne,

Teachers are asking for a way to limit the time students have to answer individual questions in a Google Form (students are unnecessarily taking almost the entire class period to complete a test). As far as I know this is not an option in Google Forms. Do you have a suggestion for them?

Thank you!



Richard’s Recommendation

Richard discusses the form limiter feature in Google Forms and provides specific uses to address a number of applications for educators. Richard also shares the different approaches to utilize the form limiter feature when creating two parts to a given test.


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