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EdTech Mailbag: Screen Capture Software

Straight from the latest edition of The R&R Show check out Richard Byrne’s advice on making edtech work for you! Remember to check out weekly editions of The R&R Show for the latest news on edtech from users all over the world. As always, if you have a question please send questions via #AskRichardByrne on Twitter



Hi Richard,

I have followed your very interesting blog for some time. I’d like to ask you about the tool your are using for creating this type of tutorial video.

What is its name and where can I find it?

Thank you very much for your help. Have a good day,

David E.


Richard’s Recommendation

Richard shared one of his favorite tools, Screencast-O-Matic, to address David’s question. Richard also discusses the pros and cons of the paid version of the application.


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