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EdTech Mailbag: YouTube Workarounds

Straight from the latest edition of The R&R Show check out Richard Byrne’s advice on making edtech work for you! Remember to check out weekly editions of The R&R Show for the latest news on edtech from users all over the world. As always, if you have a question please send questions via #AskRichardByrne on Twitter



Hi Richard,

I discovered this week that YouTube no longer supports using your webcam to record video. They’ve suggested a few different tools as alternatives, but I was wondering if you’d recommend any web based tools that could be used by both Mac and PC users. I’m planning a workshop about creating your own videos and I’d like to show the same tool to all our faculty.

Thank you!


Richard’s Recommendation

Richard shared one of his favorite tools, Google+ Hangouts On-Air, as the way to address Debbie’s question. Richard also shares his thoughts on why YouTube has taken away this feature.


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