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Education Struggles To Keep Up With Technology

Many educational institutions are behind the curve with technology

edCircuit Breakdown:

  • Many schools and districts aren’t up with the latest tech trends, including simple things like communicating with parents on their mobile devices.
  • Smart educators realize that technology, even in one-to-one schools, is just another tool in a teacher’s toolbox to help students learn.
  • Some critics say that the trend toward online learning is taking too much personal time from students with their teachers, and is often started too young.

edCircuit Analysis:

While technology moves at a blistering pace in a lot of industries, education is notorious for being behind the curve when it comes to adopting tech solutions. Education has evolved a lot since the beginning of what would become the EdTech industry in the 1990s, the slow pace for implementation in the industry is frustrating for some parents, students and educators.

girl using tablet with earbudsThat puts quite a burden on the people in charge of technology in schools, districts and institutes of higher learning. They have to be mindful of all the different aspects of having a successful tech program that helps improve student outcomes, including qualified leadership and recognizing cultural difference.

It is not all gloom and doom, it’s just that the education industry is slow to change. But some changes are certainly happening, with positive results. For example, in Mississippi, there is progress being made in assuring that all students have access to high-speed internet, which has opened the doors for some students to use computers and other devices to study subjects like music and foreign languages.

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