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Evolution Labs Announces the Launch of GreekLife360

Web and mobile program delivers character education and responsible citizenship lessons to university fraternities and sororities

December 07, 2017

Morristown, NJ―Evolution Labs, the company that gives K-16 schools the power to change how they recruit and engage students and parents, has announced the launch of GreekLife360, a web and mobile program that delivers character education and responsible citizenship lessons to students in fraternities and sororities, equipping them to make better decisions and achieve optimum success. The program, which was developed with the participation of Greek student and professional advisory boards, delivers critical success and wellness content in students’ preferred digital format.

“We are excited to introduce an all-new content library featuring the most relevant and essential topics to students involved in university Greek life,” said Peter Kraft, co-founder and CEO of Evolution Labs. “Students’ participation in fraternities and sororities should be a fun experience where they have the opportunity to learn, grow, and foster lifelong friendships and connections. GreekLife360 is designed to promote these positive outcomes and keep students safe and healthy during their university experience.”

Like all of Evolution Labs’ programs, GreekLife360 features a wide range of expert-developed content focused on the most important topics for students’ development and wellness. Schools, fraternities, and sororities can assign required and elective lessons to Greek students to better educate and inform them of the benefits and responsibilities of Greek life. There are dozens of lessons available, and some of the highlighted topics are:

  • Content on substance abuse prevention, including drug and alcohol education and binge drinking
  • Lessons on Greek life success, including the benefits of brotherhood and sisterhood, education on safety and the dangers of hazing, and content on philanthropy and community service
  • Character education content to help students thrive on campus and in society, including lessons on academic integrity and racial tolerance

The program is available on the web, mobile web, and as iOS and Android apps, and features options for email, SMS, and app push notifications, as well as geo-location messages. There are content variation options by year, gender, and chapter. Pre- and post-assessments demonstrate learning outcomes, reporting is anonymous, and pulse surveys and Recursive Reflections give students more opportunities to engage with the content.

GreekLife360 is the newest addition to Evolution Labs’ higher education platform, known as S360™, which helps colleges and universities find, enroll, and retain students and engage their families to help achieve a wide array of institutional goals, from improving the quality of their prospect pool to increasing yield to engaging parents during every window of the enrollment funnel. To learn more about Evolution Labs and its solutions for higher education, as well as K-12, visit www.evpco.com.

About Evolution Labs

Evolution Labs is changing the way students engage with schools and the way schools engage students. Its proprietary software platforms help schools recruit, enroll and retain students, as well as their parents (driving inquiries, apps, yield and retention). The company’s solutions provide institutions with technology and a highly immersive content experience to better connect with students while driving more successful educational outcomes. The team at Evolution Labs has served the educational sector for over 20 years, making meaningful connections with millions of students, parents, administrators, faculty and staff. Learn more at  www.evpco.com.

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