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Filling the Education Data Prescription

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]r. Jenny Rankin illustrates why data used with high-stakes consequences should always be made “over-the-counter” (embedding guidance for users) to best ensure the data is understood, analyzed appropriately, and used effectively. Look for an upcoming op-ed from Dr. Rankin on edCircuit.

About Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin:

Award-winning educator Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin, who developed the OTCD Standards for improved education data reporting, has a Ph.D. in Education featuring a specialization in School Improvement Leadership. She is an active member of Mensa and many educational organizations, particularly within the areas of data, assessment, and technology. Rankin began her career in higher education, where she oversaw a university’s Visual Arts and Information Technology Departments. She left that role for her rewarding career in K-12 public education. After many years as a junior high school English teacher and teacher on special assignment (TOSA), she served in a district administrator position overseeing assessment and data use for a 35,000-student school district. She eventually became Chief Education & Research Officer (CERO) for Illuminate Education, an educational technology data systems company, where she was able to impact data use at hundreds of school districts across the U.S.


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