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From ABC News: Special Education Teacher with Doctorate Degree Quits with Powerful Resignation Letter

Wendy Bradshaw has multiple degrees, including a doctorate, and years of experience in education, but she said she’d rather quit her job than have to teach her students from Florida’s current curriculum for the public school system.

Bradshaw, of Lakeland, Florida, recently resigned from her position as a special education teacher at the R. Bruce Wagner Elementary School after she said she was fed up with a curriculum that she believes is failing her students.

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  • Administrators like this one who live and only worship at the altar of political correctness are solely and exclusively responsible for the destruction of our educational system. Here we have the typical result. The only eminently qualified person to teach is out of a job and the lowlife administrator is still drawing a paycheck. Trump will change all that. It will be the PC crowd that ends up out in the streets instead of the other way around like it is now

    December 22, 2015

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