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From Education News: Florida Senate Considers Suspending School Grades

The Florida Senate is looking to temporarily suspend school grades in order to appease parents, teachers and superintendents who are looking for a smooth transition as schools work to implement new standards and exams.

A provision was recently added to the testing bill requiring an independent review of the Florida Standards Assessment currently being implemented.  According to the proposal, the results of the exam would not be able to be used for school grades or teacher evaluations until the completion of the review.

“We will rely upon this year’s assessments if and only if they have been deemed valid and reliable,” former Senate President Don Gaetz said.

According to the proposal, tests in the state must be considered valid by an independent panel prior to the publication of grades from the 2014-15 school year used for teacher evaluations.  The review must be completed by September 1.

“What this does is say school grades will only rely on this year’s assessment if, and only if, they have been deemed to be valid and reliable by an independent third party,” said Sen. Don Gaetz, R-Niceville. “No school grades, for any school, that rely on this year’s data would be released, published, calculated or used until validity is confirmed.”

The provision was added to a bill meant to reduce the number of tests taken by Florida students.

Read the rest of the story from Education News. 

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