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From Forbes: Women AREN’T in Tech, but they ARE in EdTech…Why?

Photo credit: Jon Lim

by Barbara Kurshan

The topic of women in technology has been much discussed over the last few years; more precisely, the problem of not enough women in technology has been much debated. Some cite the pipeline as the issue; others argue culture (particularly “brogrammer” culture) is the major barrier to more women entering and sticking with tech as a profession. Unfriendly maternity policies — both those put in place by “brogrammers” as well as those sanctioned by the US’s generally family-unfriendly culture — also make a huge contribution (many agree) to women leaving technology careers. Be that as it may, this debate is pretty stale at this point — probably the safest conclusion is that it’s a little bit of everything hampering the rise of female rank-and-file technologists as well as female CIOs.

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