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From Huffington Post: Republican Candidates Court Homeschooling Families in Iowa

by Catherine Lucey

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Eight years after Mike Huckabee tapped the support of evangelical homeschooling families as part of his winning coalition in the 2008 Iowa Republican caucuses, a lineup of GOP hopefuls is seeking to duplicate that effort.

Five Republican 2016 prospects courted homeschool families in Des Moines on Thursday at an annual gathering sponsored by a statewide group called the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators. While the number of homeschoolers in the state may be relatively small, they are viewed as a well-organized subset of the evangelical population that participates in the political process.

“Some of the most coveted activists in the Iowa caucuses are homeschool parents,” said conservative radio show host Steve Deace, himself a homeschool parent who appeared at Thursday’s event.


Read the rest of the story in The Huffington Post. 

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