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From WNYC.org: In the Name of Fairness, Special Needs Students Struggle through Testing

by Yasmeen Khan

Next week, students across New York will take the standardized tests in English, followed a week later by the tests in math. The exams are difficult for most children, with results showing that the large majority of students are not meeting grade-level standards. 

The numbers are worse for students with disabilities. Statewide, just a tiny fraction of students passed the tests: about 5 percent received high enough scores to be considered on grade level in English; about 9 percent did in math.

Many educators and disability rights advocates have said that the standardized tests offer frustration and stress, rather than opportunity, for special needs students. In fact, they may do a better job testing students’ disabilities than abilities, said Richard Lavoie, a special educator based in Boston.

Read the rest of the story at WNYC.org.

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