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Future of School Welcomes MGT Consulting as a Partner in the Resilient Schools Project

MGT will lend its strategic expertise to enhance the RSP’s mission to ensure equitable access for all to flexible, high-quality schooling

DENVER, CO, December 3, 2020 ― Future of School (FoS) today announced that MGT Consulting, a national public sector management consulting and technology services firm working with state, local and education clients across the U.S. and abroad, is the latest partner to join the Resilient Schools Project (RSP). The RSP, a partnership between FoS and the Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC), is an initiative to assist schools and districts with developing an ongoing response to instruction disruptions during the 2020-21 school year.

“One of the primary, immediate objectives of the Resilient Schools Project is helping districts address their pressing instructional and technology needs―and in these efforts, we couldn’t ask for a better partner than MGT Consulting,” said Amy Valentine, CEO of Future of School. “MGT’s expertise in strategic planning and implementation, including the firm’s proven track record of leading turnaround efforts at a significant scale, will provide RSP members and districts nationwide with invaluable insights on how to move forward into an effective, innovative future of school.” 

MGT’s PreK-12 Education team is led by former state education commissioners, district superintendents, school board members, principals and teachers, along with experts specializing in organizational transformation. The team’s combined, diverse expertise generates recommendations that balance the importance of both academic and operational effectiveness. The firm has partnered with education clients to allow for the reinvestment of hundreds of millions of dollars back into the classroom. 

“MGT Consulting is proud to partner with Future of School to bring innovative, real time solutions to Districts across the country, impacting the lives of thousands of students, teachers and parents,” said Melanie Hicks, Ph.D., Vice President Education Solutions Group.

Beyond meeting the current needs of school districts, the RSP has set long-term goals, beginning with paving the path toward a future of education where flexibility is the norm, and access and equity are ensured. More long-term goals include demonstrating the critical importance and infinite potential of building resiliency into districts while navigating difficult times and circumstances, as well as maintaining a focus on meeting the needs of those who matter the most in schools—students. In these and several other RSP objectives, MGT’s expertise in the PreK-12 space will make the firm a high-value partner. 

Throughout the year-long Project, FoS is focused on broadcasting the impact that innovation has on transforming the teaching-learning process and forecasting what the days, months and years ahead hold for reimagining the K-12 education system. Through webinars, podcasts, articles and more, FoS will share updates, proven practices, and diverse perspectives on the development of creative, equitable, student-centric educational environments. 

The RSP currently has 10 member districts who are engaging in a facilitated professional collaborative network. Throughout the year, the Project will work with these districts to find, share, and/or create guidance on key issues and best practices. To learn more about the Resilient Schools Project and future participation opportunities, please e-mail Amy Valentine at avalentine@futureof.school. To track the RSP’s progress throughout the year, visit http://futureof.school/rsp

About Future of School

Future of School (FoS) mobilizes change in American K-12 education from a one-size-fits-all system to one that ensures all students reach their unbounded potential no matter where their learning takes place. By amplifying technology’s impact on students and educators, FoS informs, inspires and spearheads much needed transformation. Learn more at www.futureof.school 

About MGT Consulting

MGT is a national public sector management consulting and technology services firm that delivers diverse consulting services to a wide range of state, local, and education clients across the U.S. and abroad. Leveraging a 46-year track record and reputation, MGT’s industry subject matter experts partner with thousands of public agencies to provide trusted solutions that improve government performance and help communities thrive.  Learn more at www.mgtconsulting.com 

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