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Are Girls Playing on a Level Field in Education?

Globally, many girls are still being left behind

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Globally, there are said to be 130 million girls who don’t go to school. However, even with the ones who do attend, many in some countries, like India, don’t learn because they are illiterate.

Even if girls are getting a good education, they still fall behind. According to a study by the Brookings Institute, for the first time ever women in marriages are slightly more educated than their husbands. However, they still earn less in the workplace than men do.

The gap remains wide in some areas globally. In male-dominated societies like Pakistan, girls are still hindered from getting the same education opportunities as boys.

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In answer to the question of whether girls are playing on a level field in the world of education, the answer is clearly no. While much progress has been made, especially in affluent and progressive countries, girls are still second-class citizens behind boys when it comes to education in many parts of the world.

girl student with globeIn the U.S., there has been a dramatic increase in women enrolling in higher education, leading to a higher level of education for women. However, researchers point out that the continuing wage gap favoring men makes it somewhat of a wash, at least for now.

The value of an education has never been higher. According to Brookings, the value of a college degree has steadily increased over the past few decades, and during that time it has dramatically increased for women.

We have to keep fighting to not only give girls the same opportunities as boys, but also to encourage them to take advantage of educational opportunities as much as boys.

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