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Grit Digital Health Launches Student Wellness Portal – YOU

September 07, 2016 08:00 ET

Student Wellness Portal Launched to Address the Well-Being Crisis on Campus

YOU Is a Personalized, Content-Driven, Online Platform Designed to Support Students 24/7

DENVER, CO–(Marketwired – Sep 7, 2016) – Grit Digital Health (Grit) has announced the official launch of its student well-being portal named YOU, which is available for colleges and universities across North America. Rising suicide rates, sexual assault and substance abuse on campuses, along with the overwhelming and unmet demand for counseling center services, signaled the need for the creation of YOU. The YOU portal centralizes, optimizes and expands university resources and connects students with personalized content curated and vetted by behavioral health experts to help them navigate life and campus.

YOU was developed in partnership between Grit and Colorado State University (CSU). It was conceived by Joe Conrad, founder of Grit, creator of ManTherapy™ and a CSU alum, along with the Grit Digital Health team comprised of specialists in behavioral health, wellness, technology and marketing communications. YOU@CSU was piloted for the fall semester of 2015 and launched campus-wide the following semester. Following the campus-wide launch, 81% of first-year students surveyed reported increased ability to manage stress because of their experience with YOU.GRIT logo

“Our biggest challenge, like many other colleges and universities, is keeping up with the growing demand for counseling services on campus,” said Anne Hudgens, Executive Director of the CSU Health Network. “So far we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our students and this platform could not have come at a better time. Our campus needs YOU. Every campus needs it.”

YOU takes an upstream approach to mental health and holistic well-being by educating and providing 24/7 personalized resources. The portal catches early warning signs and helps identify and resolve students’ issues before they turn into crises across three domains of wellness: Succeed (academic and career success), Thrive (mental and physical health) and Matter (purpose and campus connections).

YOU@CSU recently earned the prestigious NASPA award for region IV-West Video/Computer Software Publications. The award substantiates the importance and power of technology to solve the ever-present challenge of connecting with each and every student in a unique and personal way.

“When you look at the statistics, half of today’s college students are reporting stress levels at a point of not being able to function,” said Joe Conrad, founder of Grit Digital Health. “We’re proud to provide campuses with a comprehensive tool to meet the unique needs of each student. YOU connects students to the right resource at the right time, helping them successfully navigate life and campus.”

Last year, 85% of college students reported feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities, 58% felt very lonely and almost half said they felt hopeless, according to the American College Health Association. As a result, now one in four college students has a diagnosable mental illness and 40% won’t seek help.

“While an incredible phase of life, college has also become one of the most stressful. College counseling center utilization rates have increased at a rate five times greater than enrollment,” said Nathaan Demers, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Director of Clinical Programs at Grit Digital Health. “Simply hiring more counselors is not going to solve the current challenges. An upstream, proactive approach is necessary. Digital technology has the ability to reach more students since it’s their preferred method of receiving and sharing information.”

YOU features and benefits:

  • Co-branded and customized for each campus (“YOU@CSU”)
  • Available 24/7 with privacy and anonymity not normally associated with seeking help
  • Connects students with the right resources at right time through proprietary algorithms
  • Seamless integration with existing programs and resources on campus
  • Clinically researched and vetted content
  • Catches early warning signs of mental health risks through proprietary assessments
  • Breaks down barriers and stigmas related to mental health
  • Exceptional user experience across laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Actionable data and analytics that informs campus programming
  • Designed to improve student retention rates

To learn more about YOU, visit https://www.gritdigitalhealth.com/product/.

To request a demo, call Chris Antoline, Director of Campus Partnerships, at 720.407.8921.

View the YOU brochure athttps://www.gritdigitalhealth.com/assets/FY16_YOU%20General%20Brochure.pdf.

Read the YOU white paper at

Watch the YOU overview video at

About YOU
YOU is the hub for student well-being on campus, created by Grit Digital Health in collaboration with higher education to address the well-being crisis facing every student and campus. YOU centralizes, optimizes and expands university resources and connects students with personalized content curated and vetted to help them navigate life and campus. The interactive platform – customized for both the student and the campus — takes a holistic and proactive approach to student success and well-being.


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