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How Can We Engage Our Youngest Students?

Those of us in education business are often focused on managing the clock, the budget and the demands of an industry and clientele (students and teachers) desperately looking for smart technologies that provide student-centered learning opportunities and high levels of engagement.

Most of the press covers technologies serving middle and high school and college-level students. Our youngest students are often the ones that are not talked about, in regards to education technology, until now

Amanda Rosenburg, Director of Learning at Tiggly, discusses how physical manipulatives have impacted the way younger students experience educational technology.  Rosenburg attended the ASCD conference, last month in Atlanta, Georgia to meet other educators and providers who support early childhood education. 

My students love using Tiggly apps! The interactive toys allow all learners to experience success and learn in a meaningful way. Medial vowel sounds are difficult and the Tiggly apps provide engaging activities allowing kids to master that skill.

               -Kristi Meeuwse, Apple Distinguished Educator 


Tiggly is a client of edCircuit’s parent company MindRocket Media Group

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