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Information Literacy: School Libraries Aim High

Julie Todaro D.L.S., the American Library Association’s President-elect, spent time with Dr. Berger to discuss her upcoming role with the ALA, current initiatives and the annual conference in June. Todaro shared stories of her first experiences in libraries, as a child, and how experiences in a given school or public library impact both the educator and the learner.

 Todaro has been a library manager for over thirty years and has experience in all types of libraries and library settings. She is a Dean in a community college library, consults, presents workshops, and is an author and frequent presenter at association conferences and in organizational settings. Most recently, Todaro was co-chair of ALA President Barbara Stripling’s “Libraries From Now On” Invitational Summit at the Library of Congress, May 2014 and is the author of Library Management for the Digital Age: A New Paradigm (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014) and Mentoring A to Z (Neal-Schuman, 2015).

Todaro is the recipient of distinctions and awards including the 1999 YWCA Austin Educator of the Year Award, the 1996 Librarian of the Year and 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Texas Library Association.




“We can design and build the best library environment, assemble the perfect resources, make the resources accessible and create services for the breadth of clientele, but the most important element is the expertise within these structures and processes … the expertise that connects the constituents to what they want and need. ” -Julie Todaro, D.L.S.


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