Interconnected Solutions Support a Variety of Learning Styles and Pedagogies

Inspiring a generation of learners and leaders starts in the classroom. As we continue to promote active learning environments to prepare students for viable futures in a technology-based society, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t flexible enough for today’s students or classrooms. We know students today possess skills like no other generation before them. Ask most 5-year old children and they can explain how to text, make a call or find a new show on the internet.  

Educators also know that these new skills come with many challenges to learning. Schools need to adapt to support whole group, small group, project-based and distance learning, and a mix of all of these methods in one lesson. It’s not unusual for one lesson to incorporate video, peripherals, devices and apps within a short timeframe. The challenge to navigate the various pedagogies and individualize student needs becomes exponentially more difficult for teachers without the right hardware and software to help.  

To understand the interconnection between pedagogy and technology in schools today, SMART Technologies commissioned a global study with Filigree Consulting. The goal of the research was to review existing technology implementations and determine which software and hardware helped achieve better outcomes, specifically looking at whether skill development could be improved with the use of technology. The study found that large interactive displays are vital to the classroom ecosystem and are pivotal to enabling effective group and whole class pedagogy, and student-driven learning. The impact of collaborative teaching practices with technology is overwhelmingly positive: 76 percent of survey respondents reported that delivering collaborative learning pedagogy with technology strongly or very strongly improved their student’s skill development.

Translating Research into Action

SMART solutions are designed to maximize teaching and technology interconnection, and to be flexible and effective for multiple learning scenarios and implementations. Earlier this year, SMART announced its latest lineup of displays and software including a fresh approach to the iconic hub of today's classroom, the SMART Board® interactive display. The overarching reason for a reimagined SMART lineup is for enhanced flexibility to support different pedagogies and to bring students and teachers together with devices, education software and lesson content.

The SMART Board 7000 series with iQ comes in 75" or 86" and is SMART’s most advanced interactive display and is designed for whole class, small group and individual learning. Students can collaborate during lessons and screen cast work to the SMART Board, work directly on the display simultaneously or follow along with the lesson through their device. The built-in iQ computer offers one-touch access to SMART Learning Suite applications and collaboration tools, like a digital whiteboard, built-in web browser and wireless screen sharing.

This month, SMART introduced the SMART Board MX series with iQ, which includes all the essential, easy-to-use features at the greatest value in SMART’s display lineup. SMART Board MX series with iQ comes with an integrated digital whiteboard, access to SMART Notebook® lessons, a Chromium™ web browser and easy screen sharing. It’s a great fit for schools that need interactive displays on a tight budget.

All of SMART’s interactive displays include a 1-year subscription of SMART Learning Suite—robust software that provides lesson delivery, assessment, collaborative workspaces and game-based activities in one education suite.

  • SMART Notebook, the world’s premiere education software, facilitates engaging and hands-on learning experiences. SMART Notebook can be used on home computers and allows teachers to send lessons directly to their classroom SMART Board.
  • SMART labTM gives teachers customizable templates to easily create game-based activities quickly. The quality graphics, sounds and compatibility with a variety of student devices, including Chromebooks, keep students engaged for hours.
  • SMART response® 2 enables teachers to create a question set in under 5 minutes that students can answer on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or phones. What better way to ensure student success than to instantly see how well they’ve understood a lesson?
  • SMART ampTM is an online collaborative workspace where you can share and work on lesson content. SMART amp brings the whole class, groups of students or individuals together to work on projects, add multimedia content and instant message.

This integrated approach to providing classrooms with anywhere, anytime tools that support multiple pedagogies is proving successful for many schools around the country. For example, Oak Grove Elementary School experienced a 31% increase in pass rate for the STAAR Science scores. Oak Grove teacher Donna Campano stated that SMART solutions and activities helped her students think critically, work collaboratively, practice creativity and innovation, and to work in diverse, inclusive teams. Valley View Elementary in California experienced a 58% increase in reading scores following the implementation of SMART solutions. Christie Carnahan, Valley View Elementary teacher noted “By using SMART, I was able to turn any unengaging lesson into learning activities that my students love to learn from.”

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