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Ryan Craig: Investment Leading Innovation at University Level

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]yan Craig, Managing Director at University Ventures, discusses current trends in investing and their focus on the college-readiness of incoming students to the intersection between higher education and the workforce

Craig, along with nearly 900 participants, including some 250 global education companies, was in New York for the BMO Capital Markets 15th Annual Back to School Education Conference. Dr. Berger, in collaboration with MindRocket Media Group and edCircuit captured views from business leaders to investors taking a look behind the scenes of investment in education and technology.

University Ventures (UV) is the only investment firm focused exclusively on the global higher education sector. UV pursues a differentiated strategy of ‘innovation from within’. UV has the deepest respect for the missions and traditions of colleges and universities around the world and is confident that through innovation, these same institutions will be successful in fulfilling and expanding their missions. By partnering with top-tier universities and colleges and then strategically directing private capital to develop innovative programs of exceptional quality that address major economic and social needs, UV is setting new standards for student outcomes and advancing the development of the next generation of colleges and universities on a global scale.

UV is a thought-leader on trends impacting global higher education and disseminates analyses on key issues to the higher education community. UV is viewed by many colleges and universities as a trusted counselor and partner in navigating the major changes underway.

The fund is led by four principals with 50+ years collective experience as entrepreneurs, investors and leaders in higher education. With the greatest respect for the values, quality and traditions of academic institutions, UV is playing a formative and constructive role in the private sector’s increasing involvement in the future of higher education.

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