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Learning Through Art Now Offers Books Alive! For Kids as a Global Membership Subscription

The Books Alive! For Kids subscription delivers a Book Pack to members’ doors every month to make popular children’s books come alive through sight, sound, and touch.

Cincinnati, OH—December 04, 2019—Learning Through Art, the Cincinnati-based non-profit organization whose programs have increased opportunities for collaboration, arts education, community engagement, and economic development in the region for the past 27 years, today announced the launch of the Books Alive! For Kids® membership subscription, which offers a multisensory reading program to promote storytelling, performing arts, and literacy practice. Members who subscribe will receive a Book Pack that gifts the featured story and includes expertly-crafted reading exercises, crafts, and activities as often as every month. 

“Books Alive! For Kids was created by our team of early education specialists and artists. Over the past 20 years, we’ve used the program in schools and other learning centers throughout greater Cincinnati and across 18 states to narrow the academic achievement gap among children throughout the community,” said Kathy Wade, CEO and co-founder of Learning Through Art. “We’re very excited to now offer our signature literacy program to readers across the globe and make reading come alive with our Books Alive! For Kids Book Packs in classrooms, communities, mentoring programs, and homes for young learners and their families.”

Books Alive! For Kids is a four-time EMMY nominated and national award-winning program that helps early learners build literacy skills, which are essential for closing the achievement gap and setting up all kids for success in school and in life. The program provides an interactive learning experience that makes books come alive for readers in pre-K through third grade. Designed for groups or single user experience, each Books Alive! For Kids Book Pack gifts a full sized book and comes with craft activities, instructions and supplies, as well as a study guide. The interactive lessons include vocabulary practice and a guided Readers Theater performance that encourages students to use their craft and take the stage to bring the story’s characters to life. The program takes a multisensory approach to reading that includes the following: 

• Sight – Each Book Pack gifts a popular full size children’s book that is both academically and culturally enriching. Readers can read the story and visually watch it come alive through colorful hands-on crafts and interactive performance theatre. 

• Sound – Readers are encouraged to take turns reading the story out loud and, using the guide provided, respond to discussion questions that help to teach real-world applications of the story. In addition, each Book Pack comes with a set of vocabulary words for groups and sight words for individual children to practice in both English and Spanish.

• Touch – Readers exercise their creativity and practice fine motor skills through hands-on activities that tie back to the story’s characters. Each program can be customized to supply the craft instructions and right amount of supplies.

The program is designed to work in both formal and informal learning environments, including at home, in the classroom, during after school programs, and more. With a variety of membership plans—including individual and group subscriptions for either monthly, six-month, and yearly rates—people from any location can subscribe to become a Books Alive! For Kids® member and receive the interactive Book Pack as often as once a month. 

To celebrate the launch of the program, Learning Through Art is offering a free, limited-time Books Alive! For Kids 2019 Holiday Book Pack to the first 50 subscribers. To learn more about Learning Through Art and become a member of Books Alive! For Kids, visit learningthroughart.com/subscribe or contact Kathy Wade, kathy@lartinc.com

About Learning Through Art

Learning Through Art, Inc. is a premier 501(c)(3) non-profit organization celebrating over 27 years of building community through art. Offering programs of cultural arts — the most common bond between people and cultures — to increase opportunities for collaboration, arts education, artistic growth, community engagement, and economic development throughout the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan region and beyond. LTA programs seek to build bridges, break down barriers, and bring neighbors and neighborhoods together in celebration of the rich mosaic beauty of our global multicultural region. Since 1992, LTA has served over 1,000,000 neighbors, instilling a sense of art appreciation, cultural understanding, and connectedness. Follow Learning Through Art on Twitter and Facebook.

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