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Love In A Big World Launches New Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum for Grades K-8

August 30, 2018 Love In A Big World today announced the official launch of its social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum for grades K-8, which includes a comprehensive suite of instructional materials that empower students to be socially competent, emotionally healthy problem-solvers who discover and maintain a sense of purpose and make a positive difference in the world. Love In A Big World’s curriculum materials are designed to integrate into teachers’ daily instruction, providing a practical resource for schools and districts interested in promoting a whole child education, providing explicit SEL content in the classroom, helping students build well-rounded success skills, and fostering a positive school and classroom climate.

The comprehensive SEL curriculum, now available to school districts nationwide, empowers students to be socially competent, emotionally healthy problem-solvers who discover and maintain a sense of purpose and make a positive difference in the world

Love In A Big World was created by educator and entrepreneur Tamara Fyke, whose passion for kids, families, and urban communities has motivated her work developing effective SEL programs. Fyke, who received her master’s degree in education from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of Education and Human Development and worked at Vanderbilt’s Center for Safe & Supportive Schools, has provided professional development, coaching, and consulting for principals and teachers on issues related to safety and climate. She is editor of the recently released book Building People: Social-Emotional Learning for Kids, Schools & Communities, which brings together 12 wide-ranging perspectives on SEL for educators, parents, and leaders.

“We are so excited to bring the Love In A Big World curriculum materials and resources to classrooms across the country,” said Fyke. “I truly believe SEL helps kids identify what is going on in their heads and hearts, so they can use their hands to build others up and not tear them down. This is why we have worked so hard to develop Love In A Big World and why we look forward to presenting students with access to the materials.”

The Love In A Big World curriculum is both research-based and practical. It defines the structure, scope, and sequence of 24 essential character traits and provides meaningful activities that can be completed in as little as 15 to 30 minutes per day, but also allows teachers to spend more time if required by students’ needs. Each lesson and activity is designed to fit organically into the school’s current academic schedule, including morning meetings, advisory periods, after-school programs, and during class time.

Love In A Big World’s premier resource is its 24-session kits, which provide comprehensive curriculum along with supporting materials to enhance student and teacher engagement with the content. All content is age- and grade-level-appropriate, and the kits are currently customized for grades K-2, grades 3-5, and grades 6-8. Each kit includes:

  • Implementation Guide―This tool provides the foundation of SEL and establishes the programming objectives.
  • 24-Session Teacher Guide―This resource provides guided conversations and activities around each of the identified character traits.
  • 24-Session Student Journal―Providing a safe space to reflect and monitor their emotions, this resource helps students process their thoughts through words and pictures.
  • Storybook Bundle―Relevant and popular storybooks help contextualize each of the 24 character traits. Kits are available for purchase with or without the Storybook Bundle.

Supplementing the 24-session kits are additional resources that will help educators foster a positive learning environment. These products include the Promo Pack, with email templates, bulletins, flyers, postcards, and social media posts to help spread the word about the power of SEL; the Activity Pack with motivational thoughts for leaders, family newsletters, home activities, coloring sheets, and song studies; the Poster Pack, which includes 12 posters to brighten learning spaces and provide focus for students; the Love In A Big World Soundtrack, with 12 original songs featuring positive and upbeat music with a message; and the Speak! Video Series, with 24 one-minute videos written and performed by spoken word artists and accompanied by moving beats. Love In A Big World also offers school assemblies, professional development, and implementation support for its SEL programs.

In addition to school districts, Love In A Big World is also available to private schools, summer camps, after-school programs, and other community organizations. For pricing information and to learn how to bring Love In A Big World to your district or organization, contact Ted Robinson, National Sales Manager, at 800-843-4952 or ted@loveinabigworld.org.

About Love In A Big World

Love In A Big World equips K-8 educators with a social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum that is both research-based and practical, along with the supporting resources necessary to empower students to be socially competent, emotionally healthy problem-solvers who discover and maintain a sense of purpose and make a positive difference in the world. Learn about Love In A Big World’s products and resources, including the comprehensive 24-Session Kits, by visiting loveinabigworld.org

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