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Meet Your Favorite EdTech Authors at FETC 2019 (Part 1)

Monday, January 28, 2019 schedule

FETC Registered logoFETC 2019 is right around the corner, and it’s a perfect time to become acquainted with some of the offerings available in the Expo Hall.

The “Meet the Authors” booth is an exciting opportunity for attendees to discuss hot topics, ask questions, take photos and get your books signed by best-selling education technology authors. There will be sessions taking place on each day from Monday – Wednesday, all at Booth 3313. See the schedule and preview the authors for Monday, January 28, 2019, below.

Monday, January 28th

Booth 3313

(4:30 pm – 5:00 pm)

 Kristen Mattson – author of Digital Citizenship in Action: Empowering Students to Engage in Online Communities.

Dr. Kristen Mattson is a high school library media specialist in Aurora, Illinois. There, she serves 2,600 students and more than 200 adults, supporting them in media and information literacy skills, digital citizenship, instructional design and technology, as well as media literacy.

Kristen also enjoys supporting fellow librarians through the Future Ready Librarians Facebook group, speaking at various conferences, facilitating professional development, working as an adjunct professor, and blogging about her experiences. She is also the author of “Digital Citizenship in Action: Empowering Students to Engage in Online Communities” (ISTE, 2017).


  • TOLMS | Future of EdTech Library Media Specialist Orientation
  • $W011 | Future Ready Citizens: Empowering Students to Engage in Online Communities
  • SB02 | How to Use Pictures to Kick Off #DigCit Conversations
  • Meet the Author

Paul Reynolds – author of Going Places Sydney and Simon Series.

Paul Reynolds is CEO/Co-Founder of Boston-based educational media/interactive developer FableVision, and Executive Director of the Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning & Creativity (ReynoldsTLC.org), a non-profit dedicated to fostering positive human potential around the globe.

The Reynolds Center supports teachers’ and students’ creativity across the curriculum with a signature focus on STEM/STEAM, including development of Fab@School MakerStudio digital fabrication software. Paul has been teaching digital media production and digital storytelling at Boston College for nearly three decades. Paul is also an award-winning children’s book author (Going Places, Sydney & Simon series; Full STEAM Ahead!, Go Green!, To The Moon!) collaborating with his twin brother Peter H. Reynolds (Judy Moody, The Dot, Ish, The North Star.) @FablePaul


  • $W136 | Make to Learn: An Easy, Affordable Onramp to STEAM
  • Meet the Author

Ann McMullan – author of Life Lessons in Leadership.

Ann McMullan is the former Executive Director of Educational Technology for the Klein Independent School District, near Houston, Texas. For sixteen years Ann led the team that provided professional learning on technology and 21st-century instructional strategies to over 4,000 professional educators.

Today Ann is based in Los Angeles, California and heads her own consulting firm. As a speaker, writer and consultant Ann’s focus is on leadership, visioning and planning to meet the needs of today’s students. In 2017 Ann was named Project Director for CoSN’s Empowered Superintendents Program. Ann is on the board of PowerMyLearning Los Angeles and serves as an advisor to Project Tomorrow. She is the co-author of Life Lessons in Leadership.


  • $W130 | Innovation, Leadership, Communication: Keys to Success in Transforming School Culture
  • C002 | What Superintendents Need From Their Technology Leaders
  • C149 | Empowered to Lead Digital Transformations in School Settings
  • TOADMIN | Future of EdTech Administrator Track Orientation
  • C236 | Critical, Compelling, Controversial: Three Cs on Being an IT Leader
  • Meet the Author

Susan Wells – author of Foundations of Makerspaces.

Susan S. Wells is an educator, innovator and pioneer in the field of mobile learning and digital technology deployment, with over 30 years of experience as a principal, central office administrator, behavioral specialist, teacher, technology coordinator, adjunct professor and public speaker. She planned and carried out the first school-wide 1:1 deployment of iPod touches in the United States.

Susan is founder and CEO of TechTerra Education. TechTerra is committed to authentic learning in STEM-based discovery. TechTerra Education works with school districts globally, with a focus on STEM, STEAM, and Makerspaces. She has a BS in Special Education from the University of Virginia and an MSA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.


  • MMS19 | FETC Mobile MegaShare
  • Meet the Author

Monday, January 28th

Booth 3313

(5:30 pm – 6:00 pm)

Kimberly Crowley – author of Drones in Education: Let Your Students’ Imaginations Soar.

Dr. Kimberly Crowley is a District Mathematics Supervisor for Jersey City Public Schools. She encourages the implementation of STEM and STEAM initiatives within her district. Her goal is to guide administrators and teachers to use technology as part of project-based learning as a way to improve student engagement. She has presented at numerous national and international conferences, and has been widely published in this field.


  • C339 | The Drone Project: Engage and Educate Every Learner
  • PS048 | Drones in Every Day Curriculum
  • Meet the Author

Nancy Weinstein – author of Universal Design for Learning, The Empowered Student: A Guide to Self-Regulated Learning.

Nancy Weinstein is the co-founder and CEO of Mindprint Learning. For the past five years Mindprint has worked with schools, tutors, and educational consultants to help thousands of students better understand their learning strengths and needs so they can succeed in school and in life. Nancy has a BSE in bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Nancy is the co-author of the book Universal Design for Learning, The Empowered Student: A Guide to Self-Regulated Learning.


  • C161 | A Practical Approach to Personalized Learning
  • $W113 | Personalize Learning With Evidence-Based Strategies
  • Meet the Author
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