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MindAntix’s Creativity Course Selected for Inclusion in Belouga’s Global Learning Platform

The course, How To Be An Inventor, offers a hands-on, minds-on learning experience to equip students with the creativity and problem-solving skills to become creators of the future

Seattle, Wash.—May 5, 2020MindAntix, a learning company that provides all students with the opportunity to build creativity and problem-solving skills, today announced that its How To Be An Inventor course is now available to users of the Belouga global learning platform. Belouga provides students and teachers with a wealth of real-world learning initiatives, sourced from the most reputable learning organizations across the world. Created by Dr. Pronita Mehrotra, founder and creator of MindAntix, the How to Be an Inventor course has been adapted into a five-part series that can be accessed on Belouga here

“I am excited that MindAntix’s How To Be An Inventor course has been selected to join Belouga’s catalog of personalized learning experiences, making it accessible to the platform’s growing global community of students and educators,” said Mehrotra. “In today’s rapidly evolving, technology-driven world, it’s critical to help build our students’ innovation mindset in order to help them adapt to the changing needs of our workforce and communities. Our course takes a hands-on, minds-on approach to learning that engages students to think both creatively and critically, and perfectly aligns with Belouga’s overall methodology and mission to create community, foster curiosity, and develop meaningful learning experiences through a range of sourced content.”

The course is presented in five episodes and is designed for students ages 11-18 to explore a variety of cognitive creativity techniques. With over two and a half hours of total content, it provides practical activities and exercises that are easy for teachers to implement and use. Throughout the course, students will:

• Explore the different attributes that define an invention and begin the initial stages of developing their own invention ideas

• Learn new cognitive creativity techniques that include building an association map and practicing reverse thinking exercises how to generate new ideas and insights

• Produce comic-strip like storyboards to showcase how their invention works and engage in design thinking techniques to brainstorm how their product can be used in a variety of ways 

“We take a selective approach to determining the expert educators and organizations with which we partner, to ensure we always have the highest quality content to promote personalized global learning. MindAntix, with its expertise in helping learners of all ages develop key 21st century skills, is a perfect fit as a Belouga content partner,” said Evin Schwartz, Founder and CEO of Belouga. “The How to Be an Inventor course is designed to provide students with the space to explore and experiment with new ideas and acquire the requisite skills to succeed not just as contributors, but as leaders in the global economy, and this is something we wish for all students who access materials through Belouga.” 

After working through these series of exercises and learning activities, students will have their own invention to present. And, by the end of the course, students learn the foundational skills and techniques required to become creators of the future. Interested educators and students can sign up for a free Belouga account to access the course. Visit this page to learn more: https://belouga.org/series/how-to-be-an-inventor

About MindAntix

MindAntix provides all students with the opportunity to build creativity and problem-solving skills through access to fun, simple, and practical activities and exercises that are easy for teachers to implement and use, along with professional development and continuing support to help teachers fuel students’ growth. Through project-based learning and cognitive skill-building strategies, MindAntix is working to equip students to be successful contributors to the rapidly-evolving workforce of the future in a technology-driven, AI-dominated world. Learn more at https://www.mindantix.com/.

About Belouga

Belouga was founded in 2017 with the mission of making education impactful and accessible on a global scale through peer-to-peer and classroom connection, communication, and collaboration. Realizing the rapidly changing landscape of technology and education, the Belouga team looked to create a central location, which takes the heavy lifting out of global education, and provides teachers and students with a personalized learning experience through community and content without sacrificing creativity or curriculum needs. Learn more at https://belouga.org/ 

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