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New LearnPlatform Partnership Provides Increased EdTech Support for School Districts

Districts who work with Dell for K-12 education solutions will now be able to directly license LearnPlatform, the leading edtech decision-making support system for schools and districts.

January 8, 2019

Raleigh, NC ― LearnPlatform today announced a new collaboration with Dell that will allow U.S. school districts, state education agencies and higher education institutions to license the leading edtech decision support system for schools and districts. Dell currently serves 10,500 schools, 295,000 classrooms and nearly 6.8 million students globally. With this new collaboration, districts and organizations will now have the ability to expand the power of their technology-enabled learning with LearnPlatform, the comprehensive edtech management and rapid-cycle evaluation system.

“We are pleased to work with Dell, one of the most respected names in computing and a leading provider of technology solutions to K-12 schools, to give more districts access to comprehensive edtech management and analysis,” said Karl Rectanus, co-founder and CEO of LearnPlatform. “Based on our shared goal to expand equitable access for all students by advancing personalized learning at scale, we are confident that this partnership between LearnPlatform and Dell will benefit districts across the U.S.”

LearnPlatform’s research shows that the average district with 1,000 or more students accesses 548 edtech tools every month. The massive volume of products within an organization highlights the need for administrators to have access to an integrated edtech management system to maximize their investments and drive results. The collaboration between LearnPlatform and Dell enables districts to achieve this integration through a single, streamlined process to purchase and implement LearnPlatform licenses along with Dell devices. The process will provide an important efficiency to Dell customers, while the LearnPlatform integration will deliver increased support to districts in their quest to organize, streamline and analyze their classroom technology to improve instructional, operational and financial decisions.

Dell’s K-12 education solutions emphasize and enable personalized learning by supporting educators as they redefine the learning environment and empower students to master learning at their own pace. The company’s approach to education solutions puts the student at the center and dictates that students, teachers and technology work together to enrich the learning process. This collaboration has the potential to accelerate personalized learning nationwide, as Dell’s focus makes for a natural alignment with LearnPlatform’s Personalize Learning @ Scale framework, which is based on analyzed insights from thousands of schools and districts across the U.S. The framework uses a research methodology to help learning organizations identify their stage of edtech management and infrastructure to better understand how to drive instructional outcomes for all students.

“Dell partners with schools across the country to help ensure access to technology solutions that are easy to manage and efficient, while increasing overall student learning outcomes,” said Adam Garry, Director of Global Education Strategy for Dell. “Our collaboration with LearnPlatform allows schools to streamline their technology investments, so they can spend more time focusing on their students’ unique learning needs.”

LearnPlatform helps administrators understand what edtech is currently accessed in their school or district, which licensed tools are getting meaningful and appropriate use by educators and which tools are having an impact on student achievement. Through LearnPlatform’s rapid-cycle IMPACTTM analyses, districts can quickly determine in which situations learning technologies are having the most impact. By operating as an official reseller, Dell will provide more districts the opportunity to achieve each of these positive outcomes.

Districts interested in exploring more about how LearnPlatform can support their organization can visit https://learnplatform.com/des.

About LearnPlatform

LearnPlatform is the comprehensive edtech management and rapid-cycle evaluation system for educators and administrators to organize, streamline and analyze their classroom technology to improve instructional, operational and financial decisions. The SaaS edtech system of record gives education organizations the ability to inventory and select digital learning tools, establish and maintain regulatory compliance, and measure outcomes to gain meaningful, actionable evidence to ensure learning ecosystems are safe and cost-effective. K-12 districts, higher ed institutions and state education agencies use the research-based LearnPlatform to continuously improve standards of practice that drive blended and personalized learning at scale, expand equitable access to education technologies and increase student achievement.

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