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New Site Brings Work of Ed Experts Straight to Classrooms

Research-based learning experiences for teachers

My Ed ExpertMyEdExpert.com, a new website designed to connect educational experts to classroom learning and building leadership, goes live March 23, 2017.  

Founder Suzy Pepper Rollins described it this way, “Imagine having educational authors and experts craft learning experiences for students. Like a social studies expert who has written and worked extensively on sparking creative thinking in the classroom. Or a math expert who has contributed to almost a dozen books on effective math practices. What if these experts were in one place and contributed instructional materials for educators to use in their classrooms? What if leadership experts joined in to share their best resources with schools? That’s the vision of MyEdExpert.com.”

This clear vision for MyEdExpert is evident on the site. The site is organized by educational experts, most of whom are published authors.  Users can also search by subject area.  Each expert has a portfolio of work; some items are free, others for purchase. For example, Angela Peery, who has authored/collaborated on thirteen books, just posted a free upload on classroom rigor walks. Districts who would like to consult with these experts can also read about their projects and readily locate contact info.  

“What does educational research look like in my classroom?” That’s one of the dilemmas MyEdExpert seeks to alleviate, says Rollins.   For example, Todd Stanley, gifted education author, has created a lesson in which students actually participate in the debate at the Constitutional Convention. Laurel Schmidt, who has written extensively about stimulating creative thinking in learners, has students cast as silk traders who learn about geography, economics …  and the price of pepper. And Sheila White, an experienced curriculum developer, is putting the finishing touches on a study of the Industrial Revolution that includes visuals, organizers, and assessments. Math educators will likely appreciate the work of Dr. Ed Thomas, a prolific math author who works with districts to increase math achievement.  

The site is new, but growing. The goal, according to Rollins, is not to have an overwhelming number of contributors and materials. Rather, the goal is to provide compelling resources thoughtfully crafted by noteworthy educational experts.  

Educators, Rollins contends, are under more pressure than ever to create research-based learning experiences that are representative of best practices. The site is an avenue to support teachers in that quest for rich learning experiences. 

The founder is also a contributor. She is the author of Learning in the Fast Lane and a new book entitled Teaching in the Fast Lane, both available through ASCD. Rollins also founded an active math program called Math in the Fast Lane. “I enjoy taking somewhat tedious concepts and transforming them into hands-on lessons that students will love. So, my first lesson on MyEdExpert is a station rotation for branches of government. It includes a card game, a sort, and a mixed-up blog that’s actually an error analysis.  I tested it out on a group of teachers and they loved it, so it’s up on the site.”

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