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The One Stop Shop for Your School’s Dance Management Needs

My School Dance Yellow logoYou’re a teacher; your day is filled with lesson plans, teaching, helping students, and communicating with parents and other faculty members. Now, imagine having to plan and manage an entire school dance on top of your full classroom workload. Most schools rely on teachers or faculty to do it all. On top of the necessary tasks as teachers, they are in charge of seeing out a large-scale event from beginning to end.

Nearly every teacher we talk to says the same thing, “Ugh, it is so difficult to manage the Homecoming every year, I wish there were a better way.” The process for managing dances is super archaic: paper forms, selling tickets at lunch, cash boxes, and spreadsheets.  You basically need a 3-ring binder and a degree in event planning to manage it all. Teachers don’t have time to chase students down to get their permission slips turned in on time or to go through spreadsheets to see who showed up to the dance and who didn’t.

For many teachers, they have not discovered a one-stop shop for the entire school dance management process. Teachers and administrators can piece together different technologies and hope that they can find a solution that works, but this usually results in frustration around the extra amount of work they created for themselves.  

Here at My School Dance, we understand that dances are unique and do not operate like other school events. We also know that each school has its own process for managing dances that might not be very efficient. Our mission is to equip teachers and administrators with the digital tools to take the burden of the school dance and event management away. Over the past year, we have helped hundreds of teachers and administrators minimize the time spent on management tasks such as selling tickets, collecting out of school guest forms, and checking students in and out of the event.

My School Dance also benefits our parents and students too. With using our platform, schools are able to have text notifications sent to parents when their child arrives and leaves a dance. This way parents are always informed of their child’s whereabouts. Students are able to go on their phones to purchase tickets and not have to miss lunch by waiting in a long line to purchase a ticket. Our platform is able to save time for parents and students too by allowing them to digitally sign all permission slips and to quickly be able to access all dance information straight from their phone.

Based on our recent user feedback we are releasing changes that make our platform even better for our users. Some of our new changes are below:

• Parent Role – We are creating a Parent Role which enables us to work with middle and elementary school students as well. Many middle and elementary schools host holiday dances, Daddy Daughter Dances, and other social functions where our platform will come in handy when managing any of these. Adding this role also allows us to become COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) Certified through our partner PRIVO. We take child data seriously at My School Dance, and this further enforces our commitment to protecting the information of our students.

• Ticket Builder – Schools are allowed to create multiple different kinds of ticket types for each dance they host. Some schools offer discounts if you buy a couple of tickets versus a single, or a different price for juniors and seniors. This allows teachers and administrators to create multiple tickets with different dates, prices, and offer a discount code.

• Day of the Dance Dashboard – Teachers and administrators will be able to view metrics and reports on everything that is happening. Data such as: what students are attending, how many kids have checked in, and the status on if students have agreements signed will be visible. From this dashboard, they can text parents of students who are not checked in at a certain time or text all parents after the dance is over.

• Funds – Schools can choose the way they receive their funds from My School Dance. They can either get direct deposit through our payment processor, Stripe, or My School Dance will send them a check. They can choose to receive these checks weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, after the dance, etc. This way the school can just deposit the checks whenever they want.

With these new changes My School Dance will be the perfect platform that makes you stop saying, “Ugh, it is so difficult to manage the Homecoming every year, I wish there were a better way” and start saying, “My School Dance has helped make managing Homecoming a super easy process for me, the parents, and the students!”

All these changes that make My School Dance even better are still FREE for schools! If you want to make the switch from the old-school dance management process and save yourself more time and money, check out My School Dance for your school today!


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